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Ultrasound imaging has come a long way in recent years, making it possible to see your baby in vivid 3D images. At First Desert Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Associates Inc. in Indio, California, David Coy MD is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist who provides 3D ultrasound imaging for women and their babies. Ultrasounds are a valuable diagnostic tool that allow Dr. Coy to monitor your baby’s progress in the womb. For personalized prenatal care during your pregnancy, including ultrasound imaging and testing, call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online.

Ultrasound Q & A

What happens during an ultrasound?

A prenatal ultrasound, or sonogram, is a safe, noninvasive test that uses sound waves to create images of your baby in the womb. During an ultrasound appointment, Dr. Coy and his ultrasound technicians place a handheld transducer against your belly, or insert a small probe into your vagina to send sound waves through your uterus. As the sound waves bounce off your baby, it produces images on a computer screen so you can see the shape, position, and movements of your baby.

During an ultrasound, you can also listen to your baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler instrument. Dr. Coy and his team measure your baby’s head, the length of the thigh bone, and around the abdomen to determine if the baby progression in size is appropriate for each stage of development. An ultrasound also shows if you are carrying more than one baby.

The test itself is painless and safe for both you and your baby.

What is the difference between 2D and 3D ultrasounds?

A 2D ultrasound converts the sound waves from the transducer into a flat, two-dimensional image of your baby so you can see a cross-section of the inside of your uterus. A 3D ultrasound combines multiple 2D images to produce a three-dimensional image of your baby, much like what you see in a regular photograph. With 3D ultrasound technology, you might be able to see the whole surface of your baby’s face instead of just a side profile.

Dr. Coy routinely performs 2D ultrasounds if your pregnancy is free from complications. Generally, a 2D ultrasound is sufficient in providing the information Dr. Coy needs to monitor your baby’s size, progress, and health. However, if Dr. Coy wishes to examine your baby more closely for a specific condition, he uses a 3D ultrasound test for diagnostic testing purposes.

How many ultrasounds will I have during my pregnancy?

If you have a healthy pregnancy and you’re not in the high-risk category due to your age or genetic reasons, you may only have one or two ultrasounds. You may have an early ultrasound in the first 6-9 weeks of your pregnancy to confirm your due date, or you may not have on until you’re 16-20 weeks along. At that time, you may be able to determine the sex of your baby, too.

Dr. Coy recommends ultrasound testing based on the individual health needs of you and your baby. To learn more about what ultrasounds can diagnose and test for, call the office or book an appointment online.